Armen Gevorgiants
(painter, sculptor)

Born: 1961, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia; living in Yerevan.

EDUCATION: 1979 – 1986
State Arts - Theatrical Institute, Erevan, Rep. of Armenia.
Specialization in Sculpture.


1987 ă. - Group Exhibition «Sculpture and Graphics», Panevejhis, Lithuania

1987 ă. - «The Youth Artists of Armenia», Stepanakert, Karabagh

1987 ă. - «Soviet Union Exhibition», Moscow, Russia

1988 ă. - «666», Yerevan, Armenia

1988 ă. - «Crossroad of history», Yerevan, Armenia

1988 ă. - «Third Floor», Artist’s Union, Gyumry, Armenia

1989 ă. - Exhibition at Express Avant-garde Gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalog)

1989 ă. - Exhibition «Third Floor: The Avant-garde in Armenia», Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere Danielle Mitterand Foundation, Paris, France (catalog)

1989 ă. - Group Exhibition «Third Floor», Gallery d'Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

1989, 1991 ăă. - International Symposium of Sculpture, Yerevan, Armenia

1990 ă. - «Third floor: Plus-Minus», Artist’s Union, Yerevan

1990 ă. - «Sculpture-90», Artist’s Union, Yerevan

1991 ă. - «Object 91», Artist’s Union, Yerevan, Armenia

1991 ă. - Exhibition at the «Salon de Mai», Grand Palace, Paris, France (catalog)

1991 ă. - «Contemporary Armenian Art», Moscow, Russia (catalog)

1992 ă. - Exhibition «Common Ground», Los Angeles, USA

1992 ă. - Group Exhibition «Contemporary Armenian Artists», Gallery "Vision", Kassel, Germany

1992 ă. - Group exhibition in Kassel University

1995 ă. - Exhibition «Stream of Fire», Nicosia, Cyprus (catalog)

1995 ă. - «Emagosse» gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

1995 ă. - «Arts of Armenia», Festival of Armenian art and culture, London, GB

1997 ă. - Exhibition «Post Soviet Armenian Painting», Punta Del Este, Uruguay

1997 ă. - «Post Soviet Art», Borges Cultural center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1998 ă. - «Armenian Art», Caribe art Gallery, San Paulo, Brazil

1998 ă. - First International biennale, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

1998 ă. - First International biennale, Gyumry, Armenia (catalog)

1999 ă. - «Stream of Fire», Jordan National Gallery, Amman

2002 ă. - Biennale, Gyumry, Armenia (catalog)

2006 ă. - Exhibition «Armenie mon Amie», Modern Art Museum, Armenia, Yerevan

2008 ă. - Exhibition «Pharos =10», Nicosia, Cyprus

2008 ă. - “The Denouements” exhibition in memory of artist
Marcos Grigoryan, Artist Union of RA, Yerevan

2009 ă. - Exhibition «Armenian Still Life», Gallery "Academia", Armenia, Yerevan

2012 ă. - Exhibition «40th anniversary of Modern Art Museum», Armenia, Yerevan

2013 ă. - "At The Crossroads. Contemporary Art from Caucazus and Central Asia", SOTHEBY's, London (Catalog)

The works are kept in Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), Modern Art Center (Gyumri), and many private collections in Armenia and abroad.